William Minter • Portfolio for Wesleyan

Video production

This is a small selection of our work with community organizations, non-profits, and small business.

Audio production

My music production has mostly been in the context of video. I use Logic Pro X. These videos have my two favorite soundtracks.


From 2008-2018, together with my wife Leah Russell, I wrote and designed a Chinese textbook series (including all the layout and cartoons). This is in fact the third book in the series. It may take a minute to load.

Web Development

Beadographer is a web app I am currently developing. I wrote it from scratch using the Phaser game framework. It has several hundred daily users, and over 300 paid members.


This video explains the DragonsConnect LMS I created from scratch using Django and Javascript, among other technologies. Unfortunately I cannot link to the production version of the app. The app was still a prototype at the time of the video, but the video still gives a good overview.


I wrote and published 8 books of piano compositions. My composition 'choro' won the 2020 Renee B Fisher award. This is a book from my piano series 'Journeys'.


This is my course syllabus for one of my classes from my final year as a classroom teacher. It demonstrates my approach to teaching.

Ally Work

This document is an example of the material I would bring to committee meetings to highlight the community's neglect of outsourced workers on campus.

This article in Independent School magazine reported some of my work.

Independent School article